Montabert 501 NG Hydraulic Breaker

March 11, 2014

The redesigned Montabert 501 NG (Next Generation) hydraulic breaker commemorates its invention of the first fully hydraulic concrete breaker in 1969. Despite undergoing a 30 percent reduction in overall weight, the 1,610-pound 501 NG hydraulic breaker is 75 percent more powerful than its predecessor, the company says. Designed for use with backhoe loaders and excavators weighing between 17,637 and 39,683 pounds, it delivers up to 870 blows per minute. The 501 NG falls within the 2,000 foot-pound impact energy class and requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 21 and 37 gpm. Standard features include an energy recovery system that captures and recycles recoil energy from the piston to increase strike power, and a blank-fire protection system that reduces harmful metal-to-metal contact. In addition, the 501 NG hydraulic breaker’s upper and lower suspension system extends the carrier’s work-group life by absorbing vibrations and stress waves.