Atlas Copco Hydro Magnet

March 11, 2014

The Hydro Magnet, designed to separate iron and steel from concrete waste for subsequent recycling, can be installed on a carrier with an existing uni-directional auxiliary circuit with a signal line to power and control the magnet, so there is no need for a generator or electric cables from the carrier. Units are available in two versions, as a fixed magnet (F) or a mobile (M), where the magnet is attached by the use of a chain. Load capacities range from 617 to 16,535 pounds. Hydraulic power provides flow and pressure by means of a sophisticated flow divider to an onboard, hydraulically driven generator. High voltage rapidly reaches the magnetic strength to attract a large amount of ferrous material and hold it firmly in place. A rapid alternation of the polarity accelerates demagnetization, resulting in fast material drop, and a magnet plate free from even small pieces of steel.