Epiroc Opens New Reman Facility

Sept. 24, 2021

Epiroc has opened a new Reman Center in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The Reman Center manages the process of recycling components to the newest and latest specifications. A global program guarantees availability of components, and on-site technicians use testing equipment to ensure no fault goes unchecked and the component is remanufactured to its full potential.

Since the testing methods are the foundation of a successful rebuild, the Epiroc-designed test bench uses engineered program tests to confirm the product quality is able to meet or surpass the strictest of standards, the company says.

“This investment into new facilities in Tucson, Arizona, and Sudbury, combined with the launch of our new Reman Program will allow us to support the mining industry with much more than just traditional powertrain components,” says Jess Kindler, president of Epiroc’s Parts & Services division. “The program sets the highest quality and performance standards with continuous lifecycle improvements, delivery, and reliability through our interactive forecasting system and an industry-leading recycling and remanufacturing strategy.”

Source: Epiroc