Covid-19 Construction Safety Resources

April 9, 2020

Construction companies, municipalities, and industry associations are providing tips and direction for how to keep construction projects going during Covid-19. Below are links that will help keep workers and clients safe.

Please email our editors with additional resources, and we’ll add it to the resources.

Our editors have pulled out some of the more obvious tips.

  • Regularly clean and sanitize trailers, toilets, and other enclosed spaces.
  • Provide clean water and soap for workers to use several times a day, such as setting up water jugs and hand soap throughout the job site. If clean water and soap are not available, provide hand sanitizer.
  • Sanitize reusable PPE per manufacturer’s recommendation prior to each use.
  • Identify “choke points” and “high-risk areas” where workers are forced to stand together, such as hoists and elevators.

Resources for Covid-19 and construction