Volvo Hybrid Excavator Could Improve Fuel Efficiency by 17 Percent

June 3, 2019

Volvo is testing a hybrid excavator that  harvests “free” energy generated by the down motion of the excavator’s boom, using it to supercharge the hydraulic system.

The EC330E’s boom-down motions charge 20-liter hydraulic accumulators, which then deliver energy to drive hydraulic assist motors that help power the hydraulic pump, Volvo says. This level of controllability and performance, also offered on the standard EC300E, includes the ability to work in ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously.

This adjustment puts less pressure on the engine, and in the process delivers between 10-12 percent lower fuel consumption, and up to 12 percent less CO2 emissions. The machine provides the same levels of controllability and performance as the conventional machines, and up to 17 percent fuel efficiency improvement.

The EC300E Hybrids are currently undergoing field tests at sites, and are not commercially available yet.

Source: Volvo CE