Why Propane Works for Standby Power

July 23, 2021

Keeping projects on schedule is mission critical, but it’s not always easy. One way to ensure tools and equipment are charged, and crews remain productive, is by having a reliable generator on-site.

There are a variety of energy sources available to bring must-have power to a job site, but with recent vulnerabilities in the electric grid and the emissions profile of diesel, propane is becoming an increasingly popular choice among construction professionals. Mobile propane generators provide the capabilities that crews need with convenience, versatility, and clean environmental performance.

McDonald is the director of off-road business development for the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

Construction job sites can be located anywhere, and projects located in less-developed areas frequently lack easy access to infrastructure for natural gas and grid power, creating potential challenges for construction crews with power-hungry equipment. Propane is an independent and highly portable energy source, meaning crews can rely on propane generators for resilient, uninterrupted power regardless of a job site’s location. 

Propane-powered generators have proven to be well-suited for job sites by supplying power for construction equipment and large, corded power tools, as well as providing the ability to recharge batteries for smaller handheld tools. Additionally, propane’s energy versatility extends to job site essentials like light towers and portable heaters.

Propane generators are available in a wide variety of capacities. Large, towable propane generators with 30 kW of power are well-suited to a large job site, for example. And if contractors need to power a job trailer in addition to construction equipment, a 30-kW unit can power a 125-amp distribution panel that can run a variety of applications.

Propane is a clean alternative fuel that produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel, gasoline, and electricity in a wide variety of applications. Propane-powered generators are a great solution for projects located in areas with emissions regulations or a push for cleaner air quality. Cleaner energy doesn’t have to come at a cost, either.