A Cloud-based Comeback after Coronavirus

June 30, 2020

The impact of the global pandemic of Covid-19 is far-reaching. The government-mandated shutdowns and strict social distancing rules have greatly affected the way we live and work. The social distancing and enhanced safety protocols will significantly impact how we work, how productive we can be, and how much money we stand to make.

More and more construction companies realize the importance of cloud-based platforms. Sanjet Kennedy of Kennedy Demolition Contractors stated, “This situation has made it more evident that we need to be fully operational on the cloud.” Cloud-based construction project management software delivers a useful social distancing tool by enabling teams to move from paper-based workflows to a digital workflow eliminating the need for paper and minimizing face-to-face interaction. Through mobile apps, information can easily be collected from the field for the office to review whether they are in the office or they are home.

Trade contractors using mobile and cloud-based platforms were off to a great start during the pandemic. The field and office teams were aligned, but now they need to take the essential steps to move their business forward in these unprecedented and uncertain times. How can they ensure their team’s safety? How can they measure the impact these new protocols will make to their productivity? Most importantly, how can you protect your profits during unprecedented times?

eSub covers some quick tips on leveraging cloud-based platforms to help transition to this new normal.

-Clavero is eSub's senior director, marketing. This article originally appeared on eSUB, a construction project management software company, and has been published here with permission.