Green Const. Can Drive Business Growth

January 15, 2020
Workers adding solar panels to the roof of a building.

Sustainable construction has experienced an increase in the last few years, according to The Boss Magazine. The article reports that companies implementing green construction techniques also see increases in business growth. 

What are the benefits of green construction?

The article reports that green construction brings added revenue, opportunities for new projects, and heightened credibility within the industry. Construction companies that want to construct green buildings can apply for certification for sustainable building, which helps them build authority as sustainable professionals. 

With more certified contractors on the market, landowners can commission more green projects, and companies will see a profit increase in return, according to the article. 

How can my company transition to sustainability?

The Boss Magazine reports that construction managers can position their companies as allies to sustainable initiatives by practicing energy-efficient techniques. Retrofitting old buildings and signing contracts with eco-friendly suppliers are ways to start small.

What are some opportunities for green growth?

The article reports that construction managers should take on green projects whenever possible. The government also offers residential tax credits for many eco-friendly building initiatives, meaning contractors can cover costs by applying for applicable grants. 

Source: The Boss