GOMACO GT 3400 Curb and Gutter Paver

September 28, 2010

The GT-3400 integrates GOMACO’s G21 electronic controller for grade, steering, cross-slope, reverse steer, and all other paving functions with a radio-remote handset. The operator controls all functions from anywhere, including down on the ground close to the mold. The transmitter changes frequency every 200 milliseconds to maintain uninterrupted control. The handset can be plugged into a tether and the wireless transmitter disabled when radio use is restricted. The three-tracked GT-3400 will slipform a 2-foot radius. The direct-drive trimmer’s closed-loop hydraulic circuit and axial-piston motor deliver 27,280 foot-pounds of torque at the 24-inch-diameter trimmer head. The 27,500-pound machine is powered by Caterpillar’s 127-horsepower 3054E diesel engine. Expect MSRP to be about $225,000.