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GOMACO 9500 Trimmer Now with G+

The 9500 trimmer now has the proprietary G+ control system and G+ Connect.

March 06, 2014

The 9500 trimmer now has the proprietary G+ control system and G+ Connect. The wiring in the 9500 operator’s console has been redesigned and reorganized, rear steer control is now offered for the first time, and trimmer load control can now be monitored on a digital readout.

G+ allows an updated CAN-based operator’s remote control with a digital machine control display. The new remote features soft push pads for selection buttons for conveyor control and travel and steering. A joystick on the remote allows for new proportional control and movement of the 9500’s discharge conveyor. Connections for the operator’s remote control are located at the front and rear of the operator’s platform. The 9500 now features two ground level remotes. The G+ MiniMote assists in connecting the trimmerhead or hopper, and loading the machine. The second new remote is for the 9500’s hopper when the machine is being used as a concrete placer. The operator can use it to control the hitch when locking onto dump trucks, vibration in the hopper, and raising and lowering the machine to adjust the height of the hopper. Both of the ground remotes can be operated from either side of the 9500.

The 9500 now has rear steer control and a digital readout for trimmerhead load control. The readout shows pressure and flow during the trimming process and will automatically slow the machine down during a heavy trim. The 9500 will operate on stringline, 3D stringless controls and G+ features an entire library of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for any project requirement. This includes 3D stringless systems, laser controls, sonic sensors, rotary sensors, slope sensors, and all of their set-up requirements.

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