GlobalTRACS Lite Equipment Management System

Staff | September 28, 2010

Qualcomm Inc.'s GlobalTRACS® Lite equipment management system is a powerful asset management tool that provides actionable, operational and location information with management applications. As the newest addition to the GlobalTRACS Suite for fleet management, the system complements the GlobalTRACS system, offering many of the same features and functions, and it is suitable for installation on an even broader range of equipment.

Fleet managers can use the new system as a standalone solution to help manage and secure their entire fleet, or it can be combined with the GlobalTRACS equipment management system. Equipment with either system is accessible via the same easy-to-use Web application. The hardware terminal is compact, comparable to the size of a PC's mouse, with the added benefit of simple installation and easy transfer from one machine to another.


  • Proactive theft-prevention and recovery features, including a back-up battery to alert if the power is cut.
  • Engine-start curfew alerts to help companies monitor unauthorized (after-hours) use of their equipment for enhanced asset management and security.
  • Location data to easily locate and track equipment for improved asset management and utilization.
  • Assisted-GPS technology to enable visibility inside buildings and locations without clear view of the sky.
  • Multiple maintenance profiles for optimized and accurate servicing.
  • Updated engine-hour data shows when equipment is running, which helps to identify underutilized equipment that can be re-deployed to increase productivity and profits.
  • Integration with existing back-end software systems.

Designed for factory or after-market installation and to meet the demanding requirements of equipment manufacturers, OEMs and buyers, the GlobalTRACS Lite system can harness the power of the Equipment Management Center, a service that enhances the abilities of fleet managers to view equipment information and that can be tailored by Qualcomm's professional services team for each customer's specific business needs.

Qualcomm's Network Operations Center (NOC) supports GlobalTRACS Lite system customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The NOC also supports Qualcomm's Theft Protection Network service with a proactive procedure in place for equipment tracking and recovery—helping to increase the chances of recovery and reduce loss from theft.