Germany Tests Highway that Charges Hybrid Trucks While Driving

May 10, 2019

Germany is testing a new technique that uses overhead electrified cabling to recharge the batteries in hybrid vehicles as they drive, according to Business Insider. The “eHighway,” developed by Siemens, is designed to work with a custom Scania hybrid truck developed by VW Group. According to The Verge, the pilot of the technology is currently operational on a six-mile stretch near Frankfurt, and is set to run until 2022.

The Verge reports that the eHighway works by delivering 670 volts of DC power to a truck’s conductor rods, working only at speeds of 56 mph or less. The truck can run entirely on its electric motor while charging its battery, or it can  switch to its diesel engine when the battery is fully depleted.

According to the article, Siemens says its eHighways can save a 40-ton truck about $22,000 in fuel costs over 62,000 of driving. However, in the long term, fully electric trucks will save far more money.

Source: The Verge