Five Star Industries

By Katie Weiler, Managing Editor | September 28, 2010

Weiler W730 road widenerUsing base designs from the old Barber-Greene Co. (bought by Caterpillar in the early '90s), Five Star Industries updated a self-propelled road widener and asphalt windrow elevator. Sold under the Weiler brand name (no connection to CE's managing editor), Model W730 is a 10-foot-wide road widener (top right image) designed to handle many widening applications. It is capable of widening roads from 1 to 12 feet with a working depth ranging Weiler E650 asphalt elevator from 12 inches above grade to 12 inches below grade. An optional long conveyor and weight kit can widen widths up to 14 feet. The established E650 asphalt elevator (bottom right image) features a 118-inch-wide throat and a 58-inch-wide high slant entry position conveyor, which is said to allow the unit to accept tall windrows on high production and wide-width projects. In addition, the machine offers 7-inch-deep slats and 29-inch-diameter infeed augers that help reduce particle size segregation.