Buying File Gallery: Paving/Finishing Machines

Sept. 28, 2010


Flexible Paving Capability

Huron Manufacturing's five-model line of concrete pavers ranges from the Easi-Pour 570 curbing machine, to the Easi-Pour 1000, a multipurpose trimmer/paver. The Easi-Pour 880, one of the company's newest models, is a combination machine that can pave barriers to 42 inches high and pavements to 8 feet wide. Available as either a wheeled or tracked machine, the 880 uses Huron's own sensing system. 


Tight-Radii Paving

Messinger offers two slipform curb-and-gutter machines, the Curb Fox 2000 and Curb Fox 3000. The model 2000 slipforms straight runs at speeds to 50 fpm and turns radii down to 2 feet. The machine's compact size allows it to fit into virtually any job, says the company, and it paves competently over steel rebar and adjacent to existing pavement. The 3,400-pound Curb Fox 3000 also can turn radii down to 2 feet and has the capacity to place curb-and-gutter sections up to 33 inches wide. Power choices include a 24-hp gas engine and two optional diesels rated at 28 and 32 horsepower.


Blitzscreeds and Slipformers

M-B-W manufactures a diversity of concrete-finishing machines, including the Blitzscreed, a vibratory, truss-type screed that features a quick-coupling system for fast assembly and allows flat, crowned or inverted surfaces. Slipform paver models, the curb-only C101, weighing 2,725 pounds; and the curb-and-gutter CG200, weighing 3,395 pounds, can place a variety of configurations. The CG200 has the capacity to place profiles fitting within an 18-inch-high by 48-inch-wide envelope.


Cool, Quiet and Intelligent

Among the newest models in GOMACO's extensive range of concrete-placing/finishing equipment is the GHP-2800 mainline paver. Primary engineering goals for the new model, says the company, center on operator safety and comfort, simplicity of operation, and paving accuracy. The new machine is capable of placements 32 feet wide and 19 inches thick, has a modular frame that telescopes up to 6.5 feet on both sides, and is fitted with GOMACO's proprietary G21 control system. The G21 system is designed to ensure precise paving adjustments, while providing practical LED displays, exacting diagnostic capabilities and a ready interface with 3-D and laser technology.


Modular Tractor Does It All

CMI's new SF-6004 four-track slipformer provides standard paving widths from 12 to 24 feet, and to 44 feet with options. The new machine, powered by a 435-hp Caterpillar 3406 DITA diesel, features the company's all-hydraulic Hydra-Mation grade-control system and is equipped with a dual-range propelling system. The modular design of the machine, says CMI, allows multiple functions, such as trimming, placing/spreading, paving and dowel-bar insertion by switching easily attached modules.

Power Pavers

Paves to 32 Feet Wide

Model SF 2700 slipformer, manufactured by Power Pavers (a Power Curbers company), is designed to place primary and secondary roads, as well as handle residential and inner-city street paving, highway ramps and lane additions. The SF 2700 can pave to 32 feet wide, with integral curbs on one side or both sides, and can place material as deep as 16 inches. The machine hydraulically crowns on the go, with crown points for offset crown situations. Options include additional curb molds, center-bar inserter, male sideform key and hydraulic belt finisher. 

Guntert & Zimmerman

Provides Two-Mode Paving

Guntert & Zimmerman's slipformer-paver line ranges from the S1500H, with 425 horsepower and capable of 56-foot placing widths, to the mid-size S850 models that are available in a two- or four-track configuration. The S850 QUADRA provides both "extended-mode" and "compressed-mode" paving by using a telescoping tractor frame combined with telescoping side bolsters that adjust the center-to-center track distances. Equipped with G&Z's patented JC Tractor Frame Extension System, the S850 QUADRA can telescope to provide widths from 12 to 34 feet. Accessories for G&Z machines include a compact dowel-bar inserter and curb-and-gutter modules.


3-D Paving

The Somero S-240 Laser Screed features a 12-foot-wide screeding head mounted on a 20-foot telescopic boom, allowing the machine to finish 240 square feet of concrete in less than a minute, says the company. Two smaller Laser Screed models are available, as well as the new Copperhead, a walk-behind model.

Miller Spreader

Modular Frame Design

Miller Spreader builds two small curb-extruder machines, but its big gun is the MC1050 Curbilder—a 35-hp, 4,800-pound machine with a dual-range hydrostatic drive system that free-wheels for tight-radius pours.