Gallery of 100- to 200-HP Crawler Dozers

Sept. 28, 2010


L-Series Model Has Single-Lever Control

The first Case crawler dozer above 100 horsepower to move to the L Series, the 1650L is powered by a six-cylinder, 6.7-liter, turbocharged Case Family IV engine with electronic fuel injection. Producing 144 net horsepower, the Tier-3-compliant engine combines with an electronically controlled, variable-displacement, dual-path hydrostatic transmission to effectively manage 10 different speed settings for use in residential, commercial, road and utility applications. A new single-lever control provides infinitely adjustable steering for precise operation. An eight-roller undercarriage with a hunting tooth sprocket facilitates precise grading.

Number of base models: 4

New model: 1650L

Product-line features: To boost productivity, the 1650L provides low-effort electronic blade control for simultaneous multi-function control. The operator can pitch the blade to match the material being worked. The use of large hydraulic cylinders delivers speed and power to the blade for optimum control and force.


New Series Moves into 100- to 200-hp Range

As part of the new Dash-22 family of crawler dozers, Komatsu replaced the former D41-6 dozers with the 130-horsepower D51-22 models, available in both standard-track EX and low-ground-pressure PX configurations. To complement the D51-22's Tier-3-compliant, 6.69-liter Komatsu engine, an upgraded Komatsu-designed electronic-hydrostatic transmission provides automatic shifting. When the variable speed selection is selected, travel speed is adjustable through a 20-increment speed range. The operator can also utilize Quick-Shift to select three predetermined speed settings to match specific job conditions.

Number of base models: 3

New models: D39EX/PX-22, D51EX/PX-22

Product-line features: The design of the new Dash-22 dozers enhances operator visibility by moving the cab nearly 2 feet closer to the blade and incorporating a super-slant nose, courtesy a rear-mounted radiator. The newest Komtrax technology provides no-cost wireless remote machine monitoring of machine position, operating hours and abnormality codes, as well as tracking of such critical operational data as fuel consumption and load factors.


'D6' Covers Size and Configuration Gamut

All three D6 model sizes — each available in assorted undercarriage configurations — were updated or introduced by Caterpillar in 2007. The largest of the three crawler dozers, the D6T at up to 200 net horsepower, replaced the D6R and incorporates separate hydraulic pumps to supply power to steering and implements. The mid-sized D6N, at 150 horsepower, was updated with a C6.6 engine featuring ACERT Technology. The 125-horsepower D6K is the first Caterpillar crawler tractor in the D6 range to have hydrostatic drive and, at about 29,000 pounds, is roughly 8,000 pounds heavier than the previously largest Hystat machine, the D5K.

Number of base models: 3

New models: D6K, D6N, D6T

Product-line features: Each of the D6 models features the SystemOne undercarriage, which combines a bushing that rotates with a center-tread idler for high-speed operation in forward and reverse. The D6K and D6N are equipped for ready installation of the AccuGrade grade control system. The D6T offers the Multi Velocity Program — MVP — control system that provides the operator a selection of five speed ranges and automated speed control.

John Deere

On Track to Meet Future Demands, Too

John Deere created the biggest buzz at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008 with the head-turning unveiling of the 200-horsepower 764 High-Speed Dozer (HSD), featuring four 24-inch-wide rubber tracks designed to combine the low-ground-pressure advantages of crawler dozers with the ground-speed blade work of motor graders. That machine won't be on the market until next year. In the meantime, Deere offers three base crawler dozers with 12 different configurations in the 100- to 200-horsepower range, all incorporating significant changes when updated to Tier-3-compliant Deere PowerTech engines. The 700J has an upsized 190-millimeter-pitch undercarriage system, and the 750J and 850J models have new high-capacity heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Number of base models: 4

New models: 700J, 750J, 850J Tier 3 Versions; 764 HSD

Product-line features: Deere's medium-sized crawler dozers are driven by dual-path hydrostatic-drive transmissions with speed-in-grip direction and steering control, automatic load compensation and full power-turn capability.


Updated Dozer Offers 'Extra' Choices

Boasting an increase in net horsepower from 175 to 190 withits Tier-3 Cummins QSC8.3 diesel engine, the Dressta TD-15M Extra crawler dozer is available in standard-track, wide-track, long-track and low-ground-pressure versions, all standard with auto-shift. Depending on the version, there is a choice of semi-u, angle, six-way hydraulic and straight blade configurations. Two-speed steering provides the ability to simultaneously push and steer while providing fuel economy. The new 101-horsepower TD-10M model, also with single-lever steering, is offered in standard-track and low-ground-pressure versions.

Number of base models: 4

New models: TD-10M, TD-15M Extra

Product-line features: As established by Dressta in various size classes, a direct-drive (DD) version of the TD-10M is also available for drawbar-dependent applications. Looking ahead, new models will fill the gap between the TD-10M and TD-15M Extra. At 125 and 142 horsepower, respectively, the TD-12C and TD-12-XP are still available, says Dressta North America, but those models are slated to be replaced.


Crawler Tractors Use Hydrostatic Drive

Working in combination with the Liebherr travel drive, the Tier-3-compliant Liebherr engines used on the PR 724 and PR 734 Litronic crawler dozers provide ample power in all situations. The hydrostatic travel drive enables the operator to easily define the optimal travel speed and drawbar pull. It does not require any gear shifting, which means engine power is transferred to the tracks without interruption, even when cornering. The entire front-end superstructure of the dozers is torsionally rigid and robust. This, in conjunction with the long track frames, ensures smooth blade operation at all times. Each model is available in three variations — with standard-long, extra-long and low-ground-pressure track configurations.

Number of base models: 2

New models: PR 724 Tier 3, PR 734 Tier 3

Product-line features: The Liebherr engine always runs at a steady speed — in the most economical range — regardless of travel speed. This ensures fuel-saving operation at all times. The low piston speed improves the filling of the cylinder chambers and, as a result, more efficient fuel combustion.

Starting with the 115-horsepower 700J, John Deere offers three sizes in the 100- to 200-horsepower crawler dozer range boasting common features.
While offering the ability to move earth, the 144-horsepower Case 1650L crawler dozer is also capable of nifty blade work, thanks to an electronic blade control feature that provides simultaneous multi-function application.
Weldco-Beales' Six-Way Blade
It's not difficult to appreciate why six-way or PAT blades have become commonplace on the larger machines in the 100- to 200-horsepower range.

The design of the Weldco-Beales 6-Way Blade allows the dozer operator to hydraulically adjust and set the power angle/tilt (PAT) blade for grading, trimming, sloping or ditching, among a variety of tasks.

While durable trunnion ball connections and heavy-duty angling and tilting linkages provide enhanced blade reliability, a compact design promotes good tractor balance. Moldboard visibility further supports operator performance and worksite safety.

With headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Weldco-Beales designs and manufactures specialized heavy equipment attachments and cranes for the construction, forestry, mining and road maintenance industries.

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