Buying File Gallery: Pneumatic-Tire Rollers

Sept. 28, 2010


Two Big New Hydrostats

With the introduction of the BW24RH (99 horsepower, 52,911 pounds fully ballasted) and the BW27RH (131 horsepower, 59,525 pounds) early in 2006, Bomag shifted its larger pneumatic rollers from powershift transmissions to hydrostatic drive. The Deutz engine in the BW24RH delivers a few less horsepower than the Cummins it replaced. But Bomag says hydrostats require less horsepower than mechanical drive trains, that transitions between forward and reverse are smoother, and that fuel economy is improved.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 3

New models: BW24RH and BW27RH

Product-line features: Four front tires pivot from two points when steering. Rather than responding and turning simultaneously on a solid, common axle, the inside and outside tire pairs turn at a different rate, allowing for smooth steering transitions and reducing potential to damage the mat.

Ingersoll Rand

Tailor Tire Load to Each Job

Ingersoll Rand covers a broad range of pneumatic compactor applications with two models, the hydrostatic PT-125R with maximum ballasted weight of 27,395 pounds, and the PT-240R with powershift transmission and ballasted weight of 52,910 pounds. Recent refinements make ballast compartments more accessible for changes. The compartments can be filled with water, wet sand, steel, or a combination of ballast material to tailor the maximum tire load to job requirements.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 2

Product-line features: Standard skirts on the PT-240R retain tire heat to help prevent tires from picking up asphalt off the mat surface. What Ingersoll Rand calls "one-meter-by-one-meter" visibility allows the operator to see objects that are a meter tall as close as one meter to the front or rear of the compactor.


Middle-Weight Built Heavy

The GRW 15 (52,900 maximum ballasted weight) is built on the same platform as the GRW 18 (61,700 pounds max ballasted weight), both with Deutz diesels rated at 127 horsepower and three-speed powershift transmissions. The eight-wheel compactors have identical working dimensions. Hamm says dual pivot points on the front axle improve stability and maneuverability. The GRW 15 has 2 inches of tire overlap even at half of the maximum turning angle.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 2

Product-line features: Three-speed powershift transmissions deliver smooth shifts through a hydrodynamic drive that replaces chain drive.


World's Only Vibratory Pneumatic Roller

The GW750 is the only vibratory pneumatic-tire roller in the world, combining the kneading effect of a pneumatic roller with the high-force output of a vibratory. The relatively light GW750 (maximum ballasted weight of 20,580 pounds) moves quickly, and Sakai says it delivers the compacting force of a 55,000 pound static pneumatic roller. A vibratory shaft is housed within a series of specially designed rubber tires. The tires actually vibrate. The roller can run static, like a conventional pneumatic, and offers a choice of four amplitude settings.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 1

New model: GW750

Product-line features: Sakai has added rubber skirts around the pneumatic tires to retain heat and help avoid pick up, and a mat-temperature sensor that can be monitored at the operator station.


New Engine Options

LeeBoy replaced the Hatz engine in its 5,600-pound 420 Roller with a 35-hp Kubota diesel and added the option of an 80-hp Caterpillar diesel to the 30,500-pound Rosco Tru-Pac 915. The Tru-Pac 915's articulated steering allows true tracking so that tires overlap in turns for full-width compaction in tight areas such as parking lots and cul-de-sacs, where LeeBoy's commercial pavers often work.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 2

Product-line features: Water spray on the Rosco Tru-Pac 915 stops automatically when the machine stops moving and resumes spraying when the machine rolls again. The LeeBoy 420 is the only nine-wheel roller under 25,000 pounds.


Rigid or Articulated Choice At 30,000 Pounds

Ingram builds two pneumatic rollers with about 30,000 pounds of ballasted weight — the rigid-framed RP915 and the articulated AP915. The third machine is the rigid-framed RP930 at 63,300 pounds. On the AP915, Ingram says its "Center Pivot Articulated Power Steering" produces full wheel coverage in tight turns to compact areas that rigid-frame rollers cannot reach.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 3

Product-line features: All of the Ingram pneumatic rollers are Cummins powered with hydrostatic drive systems. The optional three-position "Memory Water" spray control automatically starts the flow when the machine is in motion and turns it off when the machine stops.


New Hydrostats with Automatic Air

Deutz engines replaced Cummins power in the 52,900-pound C550H and 59,500-pound C560H introduced early in 2006. These two larger Hypacs also changed to hydrostatic transmissions, making the entire Hypac pneumatic line hydrostatic.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 3

New models: C550H and C560H

Product-line features: Like the matching Bomag machines (the Hypac brand is owned by Bomag), the C550H and C560H come with automatic tire-inflation systems as standard equipment. These systems constantly monitor and maintain tire pressure automatically, and allow pressure changes while the roller is rolling.


Sister Models Compact 72 And 92 Inches Wide

Dynapac's CP221 and CP271 are two machines separated by more than 1,300 pounds of ballasted weight but with some striking similarities. The CP221 is rated at 46,305 pounds, with 99 Cummins horsepower and powershift transmission. The CP271 is rated 59,535 pounds, also with a 99-hp Cummins engine and powershift. The seven-wheel CP221 delivers the same per-wheel load as the nine-wheel CP271.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 3

Product-line features: Dynapac's smallest roller, the hydrostatic-drive CP142 has a modular ballast system comprising eight sealed ballast containers to allow visual control of wheel loads.

Calder Brothers

Loads Side-by-Side With Another Roller

Calder's Mauldin 4700 is a seven-tire utility roller that loads side-by-side on a standard equipment transport with a 2-ton roller. The 3,675-pound roller is matched to Calder's Mauldin commercial pavers, with 22-inch tires and a compaction width of about 3 feet.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 1

Product-line features: The Mauldin is powered by an 18-hp Kohler, air-cooled, gasoline engine and delivers drive to the tires through a hydrostatic transmission.


Option Adds 10,000 Pounds to PS-150C

An optional heavy-weight package can increase the PS-150C's maximum operating weight to 38,000 pounds. Load-compensating valves increase torque to the propel motors for working on grades and on tough underfoot. The powershift transmission in the PS-300C and PF-300C has a new soft-shift function for smooth speed and direction changes. The PS-360C comes wired to accept the optional Caterpillar Product Link System. Product Link provides remote, wireless location and hour updates to assist in tracking machines and scheduling routine service.

Number of pneumatic-roller models: 4

New models: PS-360C, PS-300C, PF-300C and PS-150C

Product-line features: Standard 500-hour oil-change intervals on Cat engines throughout the line reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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