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Fecon FRC70 Mulcher Carrier


Wood Chippers

Glamour shot of the Fecon FRC70 mulcher.

Fecon FRC70 carrier allows an operator to mulch vegetation on steep slopes. The FRC70 can work efficiently on 45-degree slopes, and the machine’s steel tracks can be expanded to increase its footprint. Also, power can be independently increased to either track to maintain positioning along the slope. 

At approximately 5 feet wide, 10 feet long, and weighing 4,220 pounds, the new mulcher can be transported without a CDL. The FRC70 uses a 64-horsepower Isuzu diesel engine, and a variable-speed hydraulic piston motor powers the unit’s Bull Hog RK5015m standard-flow mulching head. The floating mulcher head allows the FRC70 to shred standing trees, brush, or felled vegetation, as well as ground debris. 

In addition to the Bull Hog mulcher head, the FRC70 can be equipped with other attachments, such as a Stumpex stump grinder, flail mower, and snow blower.

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