Express Blower

September 28, 2010

Express Blower TM-70 Pneumatic BlowerEquipped with Express Blower's patented material feed system featuring a solid belt floor and electronically controlled auger system, the TM-70 pneumatic blower is a fully self-contained, steel-framed aluminum box designed to work with a variety of tractor configurations to spread mulch, compost and other materials. The standard version is powered by turbocharged Caterpillar C-7 engine generating 275 horsepower, but also available are the TM-70MD with a 300-horsepower C-7 engine and the TM-70HD with a 335-horsepower C-9 engine. For topdressing turf or installing lawns, an optional supplemental injection system uniformly applies mixes using the trademarked calibrated seed injection system called Terraseeding.