Fecon BK6218 Mulcher

Feb. 19, 2022

The Fecon BK6218 mulcher has all the features of the company’s Blackhawk mulcher frame, but in a narrower frame.

Designed for precision mulching, this narrower, more agile version shreds standing vegetation and processes material on the ground. Utilizing shear bars and knife tools, the BK6218 creates a consistent chip size the first pass, according to Fecon. The cutting chamber is designed to process material going forward or back dragging, without leaving unprocessed material. The 18-inch diameter rotor works well with skid steer and compact track loaders with hydraulic flows of 30 to 45 gpm. It has 24 knife tools and a 62-inch cutting width. Should a rotor stall occur, the unit will immediately recover when extricated from the stall-causing material and be ready to re-engage.