Ignite Attachments Fit Finder Aids Attachment Selection

April 16, 2024
Online tool backed by 10,000 specs across major compact equipment brands.

Fit Finder helps Ignite Attachments customers find attachments that match machine specifications across all major compact equipment brands. 

“Online shopping is a staple of the modern economy,” said Trisha Pearson, business director for Ignite Attachments, in a statement. “However, making large purchases online, like attachments, can still be nerve-wracking for many. We knew we needed to develop a tool that takes the guesswork out of attachment ordering and allows customers to shop with confidence. The Fit Finder provides the convenience of online shopping, available when and where it works best for customers.

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Backed by a database of more than 10,000 specs from across major models and manufacturers, Fit Finder eliminates the need for tedious side by side spec comparisons, according to the company. Customers simply select the make and model of their existing equipment from the tool’s drop-down menu. There, customers can find all the Ignite products that perfectly match with the specified carrier.

"Time is money," said Pearson. "The more time we can save customers, the more efficient and hassle-free we can make the buying process, the more our customers benefit. The Fit Finder tool can eliminate hours of research."

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