Epiroc CC 2300, CC 3100 Cutters

October 8, 2018
Two models have been added to the Combi Cutter line.

Two models have been added to the Combi Cutter line.

Designed for carriers in the 20- to 30-ton (44,000 to 66,000 pounds) and 25- to 40-ton (55,000 to 88,000 pounds) operating weight classes respectively, the CC 2300 and CC 3100 are engineered to offer a combination of short cycle times, easy handling, and simple maintenance.

The cutting blades on all versions are replaceable and reversible, and the attachments can be equipped with different sized jaws according to requirements. Two jaw versions are available: the Universal version (U), and the Steel cutting version (S). The Universal versions are for light- to medium-duty building demolition and heavy-duty industrial demolition involving heavily reinforced concrete. The Steel cutting versions are specifically designed for cutting steel profiles in general steel structures. Both versions are efficient tools for secondary reduction and material separation.

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