September 28, 2010

Enerco Heatstar Heavy-Duty Indirect-Fired HeaterComprised of five heavy-duty indirect-fired heater models, the new Heatstar product line by Enerco is designed to leverage a high-static pressure fan that directs clean air through up to 100 feet of connectible ducts for the heating of enclosed building construction sites and other large temporary indoor spaces. For on-site mobility, each of the four oil-fired models ranging from 110,000 to 400,000 BTUs per hour has heavy-duty lift handles and 10-inch pneumatic tires. The fifth model, generating 380,000 BTUs per hour and able to run on either propane or natural gas, has a heavy-duty frame and wheel lift kit for easy connection to construction cranes. On all models, a stainless steel combustion chamber keeps heated air and exhaust air separate.