Caterpillar 826K Landfill Compactor

Aug. 28, 2014

The Cat 826K landfill compactor weighs in at 90,207 pounds, and uses a Cat C15 engine meeting Tier 4-Final emission standards and developing 405 net horsepower. An operator-selected Eco mode is designed to conserve fuel by limiting engine speed and allowing the machine to function in an auto-shift mode when maximum torque is not required. The left pedal serves as an engine decelerator, transmission neutralizer, and brake as the pedal is further depressed. The decelerator allows the operator to temporarily override the engine speed set with the throttle lock for maneuvering around obstacles. The new compactors also use Caterpillar’s STIC system, which provides steering and transmission control in a single lever.

Cab improvements include fold-away feature of the STIC armrest and easier entrance and exit from the cab via lighted, shallow-angle stairways. The cab, isolation-mounted to the frame, is pressurized with filtered air, and selected temperature is maintained automatically. The control panel uses large, back-lighted switches with LED indicators, and a two-position rocker switch controls the parking brake.

The 826K's drive train uses a 2F/2R planetary power-shift transmission, lock-up torque converter, and heavy-duty planetary axles. The transmission incorporates Caterpillar’s single-clutch speed shifting system, which keeps the directional clutch engaged during range shifts for more consistent torque flow through the transmission.

Hydraulically actuated engine and power-train guards shield components and resist debris build up. Front-frame guards further prevent trash build-up in the frames and add protection for hydraulic lines. Axle and seal guards reduce the prospect of material binding around the axles, says the company, and a fine-mesh air-inlet screed prevents material from entering the engine compartment. An under-hood ventilation system is designed to resist trash intrusion and to cool components. Striker bars and cleaner fingers help keep the wheels free of debris for optimum compaction effort.

The 826K is available with three new wheel-and-tip configurations, which, says Caterpillar, improve machine performance and meet individual landfill applications. The Paddle Tip configuration is designed for greater traction with less weight, providing high performance coupled with reduced fuel burn. The Plus Tip is a conventional design that increases side-slope stability, and the Combination Tip is designed to provide a blend of performance, fuel economy, and side-slope stability.

Cat 826K Specifications

  • Engine: Cat C15 ACERT
  • Net power: 405 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 90,207 pounds
  • Hydraulic flow: 30.9 gpm
  • Main relief pressure: 3,495 psi
  • Fuel capacity: 206.6 gallons
  • Operator sound level: 73 dB(A)


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