Earthmoving Report: Case 865B VHP

By Walt Moore, Editor | November 8, 2011

The 865B VHP is the first model available in Case Construction Equipment’s new B-Series motor-grader range. The new variable-horsepower machine incorporates hydraulic-system refinements, new operator’s station that provides added amenities, and a different engine that delivers significantly more torque to the drive wheels than its predecessor model.

The 865B VHP uses a 6.7-liter Case/FPT engine with three horsepower ranges to match the requirements of various applications and, according to Case, to deliver optimum fuel efficiency in all operating situations. Net-horsepower ratings for the new model are 180/190/205 at 2,200 rpm for the three ranges. The new engine also develops from 5 to 9 percent more torque for added pushing power, compared to its predecessor model, depending on the specific horsepower range in operation.

The transmission for the 36,000-pound 865B VHP is a direct-drive, countershaft, 8F/4R powershift type with electronic shift control and an inching pedal. Top forward speed is 26.6 mph. The planetary-type rear axle features inboard wet-disc brakes and an operator-controlled, hydraulically locked differential. Optional all-wheel drive powers the front wheels hydrostatically and provides a creep mode for front-drive only.

Hydraulic-system refinement includes a new main control valve that is designed, says Case, to provide operators more accurate control and a better “feel” for the work being performed. New low-effort levers add further convenience to the 865B VHP’s conventional nine-lever control system.

The 865B VHP features a forward-mounted articulation joint and rear-mounted cab, a design, says Case, that provides added control, visibility and operator comfort. The new cab, according to Case, provides improved layout of controls, a new instrument cluster that displays information from 28 machine functions, and excellent sightlines to the blade and other ground-engaging equipment. Exterior lighting options are designed for optimum visibility for night operation, such as snow plowing.

The 865B VHP uses an A-frame-type drawbar, and the circle incorporates outer-facing gear teeth, which improves operation and serviceability, says Case, while maintaining gear power and increasing the life of circle components. The moldboard is Case’s “multi-radius, involute” design. Standard moldboard width is 13 feet, and optional 12- and 14-foot moldboards are available. Blade-pitch ranges from 42 to 87 degrees, and the blade shifts 27 inches right and 21 inches left.

Attachments for the 865B VHP include a scarifier, push block, rear ripper, dozer blade and front-mounted counterweight.