Dust Control Technology Midget Nozzles

September 21, 2011


The new Midget spray nozzles from Dust Control Technology are designed for indoor dust-control applications (such as interior demolition, mining, recycling and transfer stations) where water volume from standard dust-control nozzles might be undesirable. According to the manufacturer, the Midget nozzles provide “very good particle control, while reducing the total water applied by about 65 percent.” For example, the company’s smallest fan-driven atomizer, the DustBoss DB-30, which has a flow rate of about 2.2 gpm at 60 psi with a standard-nozzle configuration, reduces flow to 0.75 gpm when equipped with Midget nozzles. The Midget nozzles deliver consistently smaller droplet size, a characteristic that can be an advantageous, says the company, with very fine particles.