Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Sept. 28, 2010

Smoother Gear Shifting Under Load

Hyundai Construction Equipment expanded its wheel-loader line with Model HL780-3A and its high-lift counterpart, the HL780XTD-3A, which are powered by the Cummins QSM11-Tier II engine with electronic fuel injection. Maximum bucket capacity is 6.7 cubic yards (heaped) for both machines, but the high-lift model provides an added 13 inches of clearance under the bucket pin. The exclusive Ergopower automatic transmission control system (made by ZF Industries) provides smoother gear shifting under load with no traction interruption. Both loaders sport a redesigned cab and control center, fully featured for optimal comfort. Operating weight for both machines is 65,000 pounds. Estimated list price: $314,990.

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High Productivity Per Hour

Caterpillar has turned the 5080 hydraulic excavator into the 5090B Front Shovel. The new machine features more engine horsepower, higher flow, greater digging forces, higher swing torque, faster swing speed, more drawbar pull, and larger bucket sizes. It is designed to work with trucks in the 40- to 70-ton size classes. Six different bucket options range in size from 6.0 to 7.5 cubic yards. The unit features 500-hour maintenance intervals for the engine oil, oil filter and fuel filters. According to Caterpillar, the 5090B has the highest productivity per hour in its size class. Estimated list price: $1,000,000.

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Palm Command Control System

Weighing 109,900 pounds, Komatsu's D275AX-5 crawler dozer features a new K-bogie-design undercarriage to help the unit hug the terrain for better contact and maximum drawbar pull. It incorporates a hydrostatic steering system, which is powered by an independent hydraulic pump that transmits engine power to both tracks without an interruption on the inside track. Steering and blade-control systems have a palm command control system design. Komatsu's Tier II turbocharged, aftercooled engine delivers 410 horsepower at 2,000 rpm. To promote efficiency, Komatsu claims to offer the only lockup torque converter system in its class. Estimated list price: $560,000.

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Exclusive Spin-Control System

According to John Deere, the new 724J, 744J and 824J wheel loaders are built to deliver optimal performance for their bucket size, resulting in faster cycle times and lower operating costs. Operating weights are 40,704, 51,196, and 57,339 pounds, respectively. A key feature of the J-Series is smart-shift technology. By continuously sensing speeds and loads and adjusting clutch pressures accordingly, the transmission delivers smooth shifts without any delay, Deere says. The loaders offer a spin-control system, which prevents tire spin when crowding the pile in 1st gear. Also, solid-state electrical distribution seals a significant portion of the components from moisture. Estimated list price: $219,000 to $330,000.

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One Engine Instead of Two

The carrier-mounted XL 4100-II is a far different excavator than the model it replaces, the XL 4100. The new machine embodies Gradall's hallmark design features—a tilting telescopic boom and a highway-worthy chassis. It also keeps the high-pressure hydraulic system. Beyond these basic elements, though, nearly every other design aspect is new for the XL 4100-II. Changes range from big-ticket items—the carrier frame, boom, boom cradle, cabs, hydraulic design and engine layout—to detail items, such as dent-resistant fenders, LED swing lights and "plug-in" convenience for adding work lights, cab sound systems and air conditioning. With the single-engine design, Gradall says the machine has increased performance and saves money on filters and downtime associated with routine maintenance. Estimated list price: $275,420.

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Easy-to-Use Joystick Controls

Daewoo brings new features and Tier II engines to the Solar V Series of eight crawler and three wheel excavators. Horsepower settings range from 53 to 312 and are up as much as 7 percent from previous models. The machines feature Daewoo's e-EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System) for managing the engine/hydraulics package. A user-friendly instrument panel features dual LCD displays that present up to nine operation conditions and reveal 21 different fault codes. A revamped hydraulic system is guided by new, easy-to-use joystick controls with design modifications focusing on speed and smoothness modes, Daewoo says. Operating weights range from 12,125 to 103,400 pounds. Estimated list prices: $60,000 to $400,000.

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Engine Meets Worldwide Regs

Featuring a new electronic C9 engine, Caterpillar's D6R Series II track-type tractor meets all current worldwide emissions regulations. It features an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated direct-injection fuel system that improves fuel economy and reduces emissions. The C9, coupled with the company's ACERT technology, will allow the machine to be compliant with the upcoming EPA Tier III regulations, Cat says. The Series II retains the best features of the D6R, including modular components, elevated sprocket design, Advanced Modular Cooling System, and differential steering option. The new machine also has numerous power train, cab and serviceability improvements. Estimated list price: $210,000 to $270,000.

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Involute Multi-Radius Moldboard

Ranging from 140 to 205 horsepower and featuring moldboard widths from 12 to 14 feet, Case offers the 845, 865 and 885 motor graders. Because the machines' articulation joint is in front of the cab, it allows better visibility to the moldboard. Also, the one-piece, non-metallic sloping rear hood delivers excellent visibility from the cab. The involute multi-radius moldboard allows for easy rolling of material, which reduces horsepower needs, and it has excellent cutting capabilities, Case says. The cutting edge can penetrate up to 28 inches. Estimated list prices: $188,000 to $288,000.

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Differential Steer: Down a Size

Caterpillar now offers a differential-steer option on a smaller sized track-type tractor—the new D6N. Both the D5N and D6N not only retain the strengths of the D5M and D6M, but also include an electronic engine that increases horsepower, improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions; a quieter, more comfortable operator's station; new styling; and serviceability improvements. Both machines are powered by the Cat 3126B HEUI engine. The D5N and D6N are equipped with Finger Tip Control (FTC) steering. The D6N also has a differential-steer option, which maintains power to both tracks while turning, so large blade loads can be maneuvered efficiently. Estimated list prices for the D5N: $134,000 to $147,000; D6N: $188,000 to $215,000.

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Decreased Fuel Consumption

Replacing the Komatsu WA250-3MC and WA250PT-3MC are the WA250-5 wheel loader and WA250PT-5 tool carrier. Powered by a Tier-2 Komatsu engine, the loader increases productivity while lowering engine speed, reducing emissions, and decreasing fuel consumption by more than 15 percent. It incorporates an Advanced Technology Hydrostatic Transmission that provides better fuel economy, aggressive tractive effort, and dynamic braking. It also features the Equipment Management Monitoring System that keeps the operator aware of 22 machine functions and helps prevent costly breakdowns and failures before they happen. The WA250PT-5 offers the same advantages as the loader, with the benefits of parallel lift and hydraulically actuated quick coupler. Estimated list price: $132,000.

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Auto Power Kicks in When Needed

Case brings its mid-mount cooling module and Tier-II Case engines with Auto Power to the 721D wheel loader. The Auto Power feature automatically matches the power to the application by increasing net horsepower from 170 to 184. With no stacked coolers, the exclusive mid-mount module keeps debris from plugging between coolers. The module houses coolers for the transmission, air conditioner/condenser, charged air, and the radiator. Also, Case says a hydraulically controlled fan within the cooling module can be reversed to dispel airborne debris. Other changes include: engine mounted behind rear axle for easy accessibility and counter weighting; ganged remote drains for easy fluid changes; and increased bucket capacities. Estimated list price: $162,000.

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Full Tilting, Telescoping Boom

Gradall's Model XL 4300-II is billed as the world's first hydraulic excavator in the 45,000-pound class that offers advantages of a full tilting, telescoping boom plus excellent wheeled mobility both on- and off-road. The boom will tilt 220 degrees, which allows the machine to work in hard-to-reach places. Maximum digging depth is 20 feet 11 inches, while boom radius at ground level is 30 feet. It has a bucket breakout force of 25,449 pounds. Estimated list price: $232,500.

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