Digga Compact High-Flow 4DDS Auger Drive for SSLs, Backhoes, Mini-Excavators

November 14, 2015

With a maximum output torque of 4,180 ft-lbs, the Digga Compact High-Flow 4DDS Auger Drive is engineered for use on the latest skid steer loaders, backhoes and mini-excavators.

The 4DDS will handle high flows of up to 42 gpm, providing output speeds of up to 108 rpm. The auger drive’s high-efficiency Digga-designed motor system allows more of the carrier machine’s horsepower to be utilized in delivering power to the ground for faster drilling and better spin-off speeds, allowing operators to more quickly drill larger-diameter holes in harsh ground conditions, Digga says. The motor features an integrated pressure relief valve that eliminates the need for bulky valve blocks, while reducing many potential leak points.