Contractor Gains Two Shoring Projects

Staff | September 28, 2010

Portland – Scheffler Northwest, Inc., a specialty drilling, shoring and construction firm, has been selected as the shoring contractor for mixed-use project Block 46 in Portland, and landslide abatement work on Oregon Route 224 in Clackamas.

Block 46, located in Portland's South Waterfront District, will feature two six-story buildings with 273 condominium units, 15,500 square feet of retail space and two levels of underground parking. Scheffler Northwest was contracted for below-grade drilling to create an environment to construct the underground parking structure, which will include 328 spaces.

Scheffler Northwest will install a three-sided shoring system of approximately 19,900 square feet. The system will consist of 109 soldier piles, 200 tiebacks, 10 dewatering wells, and 128 drilled shafts. The shoring portion of this project is under way and will be completed in December 2008.

Originally, the project was designed to incorporate driven grout piles. Through value engineering input by Scheffler Northwest, the driven grout piles were eliminated and replaced with approximately half as many drilled shafts, reducing the cost and duration of the foundation system.

Scheffler Northwest was also enlisted by Kerr Contractors as the drilling subcontractor on the Highway 224 Emergency Slide Repair project. The work includes the installation of soldier piles and tiebacks near Clackamas and River roads. The project will stabilize the highway to allow safe passage to and from Milwaukie for many of Portland's southeastern suburbs.

Specifically, Scheffler will install 49 soldier piles and tiebacks, as well as a permanent shotcrete fascia. The project schedule calls for Scheffler Northwest to complete its work in roughly six weeks, despite limited access to the site. Work is scheduled to begin in late November 2008.