The Optima Series aerial devices include TC, TCX, HR, and HRX models. Improvements include include greater payload capacity, better boom speeds, enhanced side reach and ground access, as well as features that improve maintenance access and reliability. By using higher-strength steel to reduce overall vehicle weight, Optima TCX and HRX models provide more vehicle payload capacity.

Improved boom speeds and responsiveness result from redesigning hydraulic circuits and optimizing hydraulic cylinders. Lower ground access makes it easier for operators to hand off tools to ground personnel, clean debris from the bucket, and is useful in operator-recovery situations.

Optima TC and HR models have 3 feet more side reach, and a visual indicator light shows the operator when the boom moves into the extended-reach area of the working range. The optional Load Alert system monitors the truck’s jib and basket capacity. All Optima aerial devices have a 700-pound platform capacity as standard. Optional 800-pound-capacity platforms are available on Optima TCX and HRX models. An optional two single-man 24 x 30-inch platform is available with a capacity of 700 pounds (350 pounds for each bucket).

On the maintenance side, the leveling chain of the new models is designed for an extended life of 10 years before replacement (based on typical utility usage). A new pedestal design on all Optima models provides technicians easier access in order to torque lower rotation-bearing bolts, which are accessible on the outside of the pedestal. All hydraulic fittings, located above the boom rotation, are sealed with O-rings. All Optima aerial devices feature powder-coated finishes.