Liebherr THP 80-LP Concrete Pump

Jan. 24, 2022

The THP 80-LP truck-mounted concrete city pump is the smallest in the company’s lineup. It has a 600-liter capacity hopper.

The total length of the concrete pump is around 28.4 feet. It is quick to set up and easy to control with an HBC option for the remote control. The truck features ample storage with wide spaces for the concrete tubes and accessories on the deck and plastic water tanks for saving weight.

The THP 80-LP is mounted on a two axle truck International chassis flatbed chassis and weighs around 22,684 pounds.

The pumping kit features an open loop hydraulic circuit. The suction inlet has a greater diameter than the cylinder itself for suction performance.

Concrete pressure at cylinder rod side is 1,088 psi.