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VT LeeBoy, Inc.

VT LeeBoy, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of asphalt paver, motor graders, compaction rollers, asphalt distributors, brooms, pothole patchers, belt loaders, concrete curbers, chip spreaders and water trucks.

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500 Lincoln County Pkwy. Ext.
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Phone: 704-966-3300
Fax: 704-483-5802



The VT LeeBoy B-Series range includes three conveyor-equipped, hydrostatic-drive models (8500, 8510, 8515) capable of commercial and mainline asphalt-paving applications.

LeeBoy 9000 rubber-tired paver has an 8-foot electrically heated screed and weighs 33,000 pounds. It is the company's first entry in this size class. The 173-horsepower Caterpillar diesel is mounted transversely for ground-level access and cooling efficiency. Legend screed system extends hydraulically from 8 to 15.

VT LeeBoy’s Challenger V self-propelled broom features a 7-foot brush by Sweepster, new joystick controls that put all brush functions at the operator’s fingertips, and improved operator visibility. LeeBoy says the Sweepster brush core is easy to change, and claims its own variable-down-pressure system reduces brush wear.

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