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E-Z Drill, Inc.

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PO Box 517
Stillwater, OK 74076
Toll-free: 8002720121
Phone: 4053720121
Fax: 4053721429



Vacuum dust collection system uses the same air compressor as the concrete dowel drill to effectively collect dust directly from the drilled holes and store it in a collector.

Custom designed for drilling vertical holes into the top of concrete parapet walls, the E-Z Drill 4-gang core drill system is offered with either electric or pneumatic core drills.

With the new 240B SRA “combo” drill system, E-Z Drill is touting “a new concept in concrete drills.” It combines standard features of the 210B SRA model with the ability to convert to a pneumatic core drill, thus catering to both rock-drilling and core-drilling jobs, and eliminating the need for separate systems.

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