Chicago Pneumatic CPLT M10 KD4 Light Tower Features Kubota Tier 4 Engine

June 5, 2015
Chicago Pneumatic CPLT M10 KD4 Light Tower

CPLT M10 KD4 light tower offers a high luminosity of up to 30,400 square meters and features a Kubota EPA Tier 4 engine coupled with a Mecc Alte 6 kW generator.

The tower has a maximum height of 31 feet and four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps. A 30-gallon fuel tank that ensures 60-70 hours of run time, depending on environmental conditions, the company says. A translucent polyethylene tank provides an instant view of the fuel level, eliminating the need for a separate gauge. A compact size allows the light tower to be maneuverable with the ability to transport up to 12 units on a flatbed truck.