Chicago Pneumatic Breakers

September 28, 2010

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools has introduced a 12-model line of hydraulic breaker attachments. Three heavy-duty models (with service weights ranging from 4,850 to 9,259 pounds and having 5.9- to 7.1-inch working-tool diameters) are suitable for excavators weighing from 26 to 75 metric tons. Four medium models, weighing between 1,213 and 3,527 pounds, are for use on 9- to 34-metric-ton carriers. Five light models, with service weights from 209 to 827 pounds, round out the line and are suitable for smaller 1.3- to 12-metric-ton carriers. The new breakers feature an enclosed-box design and elastic damping elements. Heavy and medium models feature CP-Lube, an automatic lubrication system that attaches directly to the breaker.