Caterpillar Unveils Hot Wheels Video


Cat Trails 11

After building a PacMac track in its previous video in the Cat Trials series, Caterpillar set up a mock Hot Wheels race track featuring a variety of Cat equipment and life-sized versions of Hot Wheels cars.

To design and execute the video, professional stunt drivers, track designers, and equipment operators joined in the fun.

Who helped with Cat Trials #11?

  • Thomas Brown, Morgan Corp.
  • Edgardo Montano, ER Jahna
  • Ryan Hinojosa, Silver Creek Materials
  • Tia Shadley, Illinois Civil Contractors Inc.
  • Anthony Alonzo, Wells Excavation
  • Teresa Braun, N.E. Finch Co.

Each of the Hot Wheels cars represents a Cat service.

  • Baja Truck: Certified Rebuild
  • Buggy: Self-Service Options
  • Loop Car: Hoses & Couplings
  • Loop Car: Cat Financial
  • Rip Rod: Repair Options

Source: Caterpillar