Caterpillar M Series 3 Motor Graders

February 3, 2014
Caterpillar M Series 3 Motor Grader

Cat 12M3, 140M3, 160M3 motor graders have been upgraded to Tier 4-Final compliance. The Cat C9.3 ACERT engines use SCR technology, and the necessary DEF can be filled from ground level when the machine is fueled. A standard economy mode can be used to reduce engine speed for fuel efficiency. The company cites an average fuel savings of 10 percent depending on application. Two electronic joysticks reduce arm movement by 78 percent, according to the company. A redesigned message display located in the center console of the machine monitors grade control and DEF tank levels.

Cat M3 Motor Grader Specifications

12M3/12M3 AWD

  • Net horsepower (1st gear): 179
  • Moldboard blade width: 12 feet
  • Operating weight: 42,647 pounds
  • Operating Weight, AWD: 44,614 pounds

140M3/140M3 AWD

  • Net horsepower: 200
  • Moldboard blade width: 12 feet
  • Operating weight: 43,950 pounds
  • Operating weight, AWD: 45,917 pounds

160M3/160M3 AWD

  • Net horsepower: 221
  • Moldboard blade width: 14 feet
  • Operating weight: 45,547 pounds
  • Operating weight, AWD: 47,514 pounds