Case C Series Motor Grader

December 4, 2018
Case 836C motor grader has an operating weight of 24,466 pounds

The C Series motor graders includes the 836C, 836C AWD, 856C, and 856C AWD. Operating weight for the 836C is 24,466 pounds and 27,128 pounds for the all-wheel-drive version. The 856C operating weight is 33,966 pounds with the AWD at 34,848 pounds. The 836C models range from 138 to 156 horsepower, and the 856C from 173 to 190 horsepower.

Watch the company's walk-around below.


An Ergopower transmission and torque converter provide automatic shifting, and a 100-percent automatic differential lock combines with automatic no-spin power splitting to instantly transfer torque from a slipping tire to one with more traction. Creep mode engages just the front wheels, and the grader can move at extremely slow speeds.

Load-sensing hydraulics include a direct-activated axial piston pump that delivers only the required hydraulic pressure. Control valves provide pressure compensation, which allows the moldboard to lifted or lowered in parallel. Direct-mounted hydraulic controls increase lever rigidity and reduce play in the system.

Moldboards are high-carbon steel, and a new mount and slide system minimizes play and has fewer grease points than predecessor models.

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