California Heavy Construction Permits Update

By Loren Faulkner | September 28, 2010

The Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB) has released data looking back to the end of 2008. The Burbank, CA-based company is relied upon by the California construction industry for its accurate information.

These figures reflect permits granted but not the shut-down of state projects that were already in progress when Governor Schwarzenegger issued the stoppage order in late December.

Public Buildings and Heavy Construction

Year-To-Date Comparisons: 2007-2008
Public works construction in 2008 totaled $1.2 billion, down 12.5 percent from November and down 23 percent from December 2007. Public building in December fell 12.6 percent from November and 28.5 percent from December 2007. Heavy construction was down 12.4 percent from the previous month and 17.2 percent from December 2007.

Nonresidential Building – 2007-2008
Private, nonresidential building permits totaled $1.14 billion in December, 9.7 percent higher than a very low November 2008, but 41.3 percent lower than December 2007. End-of-year volume is 15 percent lower than 2007.

Public Works Construction, Regional Comparison Year-To-Date
Public works construction in 2008 was down 6.2 percent from the volume in 2007. End-of-year figures for all new public building and heavy construction permits are $6.1 billion in LA-Orange; $4.8 billion in Riverside-San Bernardino-San Diego; $4.15 billion in the Bay Area; $1.85 billion in the Sacramento Valley; $1.7 billion in the San Joaquin Valley; $1 billion along the Central Coast; and $1.07 billion in the North State and Sierras.

California Construction Employment
Note from CIRB: "California construction employment figures for December 2008 were not available in time for this report … For all of 2008, California construction employment is estimated to average 813,600, down 768,700 (8.8 percent) from 2007…"

CB&E Editor’s Note: Construction employment figures should show a sharp decline in the upcoming January-March 2009 period.

Public Works Construction - Major Project Notes: December 2008

Public Buildings
$66.1-million high school project in Contra Cost County
$45.9-million port project in Los Angeles County
$37.9-million state university project in Humboldt County
$32.2-million sheriff station in Riverside County
$27.7-million CSU project in San Diego County

Heavy Construction
$54.4-million road project in Los Angeles County
$39.4-million bridge and road project in San Bernardino County
$38.7-million county road project in Kern County
$30.7-million highway project in Yolo County
$27.5-million freeway project in San Diego County