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By Lynn Landberg, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010




Two-Speed Transmission



At a lift height of 11 feet 8 inches, the Mustang 2105 skid-steer can reach to great heights. Add to this the rated lift capacity of 3,600 pounds and the 2105 demonstrates its heavy-duty performance. Powered by a 110-hp turbocharged engine, the unit has a two-speed transmission, allowing travel speed to 14 mph. A wider wheelbase provides a smooth ride and more balance for stability with heavier loads. A 9-inch ground clearance allows easy maneuverability through mud and other terrain.


Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 6.

New models: 2044, 2054, 2064, 2074.

Recent changes: Increased lift capacities, new ergonomics and cab comforts, factory-installed air conditioning; 2064 and 2074 available in single- or two-speed with radial piston drive motors with built-in spring-applied, hydraulically released brakes.

Noteworthy features: Cab design, servo-controlled hydrostatic transmission.










KomatsuFull Power Anytime

Komatsu's SK815 skid-steer features Automatic Power Control (APC), which allows full utilization of engine power, without overload, on tough jobs. The operator can work with full power during any phase of the job without worrying about engine stall out. With an operating capacity of 1,550 pounds, the SK815 has Proportional Pressure Control joysticks that operate travel and loader operations. Komatsu's HydrauMind hydraulic system lets the operator monitor performance of the machine, with accompanying Closed Load Sensing hydraulics providing both single and simultaneous movements for maximum control of bucket positioning.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 2.

New models: SK714, SK815.

Noteworthy features: Wide cab with 360-degree visibility, low center of gravity, two-speed transmission, low noise levels, low-effort controls, quick coupler.


BobcatHigh-Flow Package Offered

The vertical lift S300 from Bobcat has a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds and a breakout force of 6,300 pounds. A high-flow auxiliary option package gives the S300 an additional 10-gpm flow for a total of 30.7 gpm and 3,300-psi system pressure. The high-flow package allows the machine to operate high-performance attachments, including the chipper, planer, Brushcat rotary grinder and wheel saw. Power comes from an 81-hp turbocharged, liquid-cooled Kubota engine.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 6.

New models: 5250, 5300.

Noteworthy features: Turbocharged engine, comfortable cab, long wheelbase, 12.5-mph travel speed, wide attachment selection.

New Holland Construction

New Holland ConstructionSelf-Neutralizing Controls

The operator's compartment of New Holland's LS190 has a wide entry and plenty of leg, elbow and shoulder room. The cab also features low-effort, self-neutralizing hand controls and responsive foot controls. The instrument panel, located overhead, allows the operator to monitor all functions of the machine from one location. The cab now has a front radius, rather than being straight, and angled side screens. The cab also features new headliners along with lighted, sealed switches. A low center of gravity and a long wheelbase provide better stability, more lift-and-load carrying capacity and a smoother ride.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 5.

Recent changes: New cab design, dealer-installed air conditioning available on LS190, quick-attach mounting plate added.

Noteworthy features: Third-generation Superboom vertical-lift design, Linimar and New Holland engines, low center of gravity, long wheelbase, ergonomic cab, low-effort controls, boom locks, low profile.

John Deere

John DeereQuick-Lift Cab for Service

For convenient maintenance and service, the John Deere 270 has a quick-lift cab, removable side panels, and easy-access top and rear doors. The vertical-lift system with cushioned boom cylinders provides greater reach for precise center load placement and quick, efficient truck loading. The 82-hp John Deere 4045D high-torque engine with direct injection has a wet-sleeve design, high-ring pistons, and precision joint-connecting rods. An optional two-speed transmission is available for increased productivity. Also optional is a hydraulic Quick-Tatch, which allows the operator to remain seated while latching and unlatching the Quick-Tatch pins when using attachments.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 5.

New models: 240, 250, 260, 270, 280.

Noteworthy features: Vertical-lift boom, servo-controlled steering.


DaewooHigh-Visibility Canopy

The largest skid-steer loader in the Daewoo line, Model 2060XL, has a rated operating capacity of 2,000 pounds. The comfortable cab features such amenities as a high-visibility canopy that provides a view in any direction and an instrument panel that has engine coolant temperature, transmission oil and fuel level gauges. In front, the simple attachment system lets the operator switch from a bucket to a sweeper to a dozer blade in seconds.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 3.

Noteworthy features: Rugged mainframe and boom, hydraulic lines routed inside boom, bucket cylinders in line with boom, universal attachment system, wide cab with good visibility, wide stance and low center of gravity, easy access for service.


GehlThree Control Choices

Load-sensing hydraulics on Gehl's 7800 deliver improved control and smoother operation as well as increased fuel efficiency. An extended 54-inch wheelbase and wide stance deliver a smooth, more stable ride. Three choices of controls include the T-bar hands-only controls, hand/foot controls and dual hand controls. The servo-enhanced, low-effort, ergonomically designed control levers deliver exact response for added productivity. True vertical lift linkage provides consistent forward reach.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 11.

New models: 7000 Series.

Recent changes: Added factory air conditioning and heating comfort systems, Hydraglide ride control system, All-Tach powered quick-attach system.

Noteworthy features: Servo-assisted drive control system, three operating control styles, high horsepower, high lift height, travel speeds to 14 mph, load ratings up to 3,600 pounds.


CaterpillarVertical Lift for Higher Lift

The Caterpillar 262 with vertical lift provides a lift height of more than 10 feet 8 inches and a reach of 32.5 inches at a bucket angle of 45 degrees. Rated load capacity is 2,500 pounds. The vertical-lift design makes the skid-steer well suited for higher stacking of pallets of bricks, concrete blocks and other materials. The feature also allows for loading trucks with higher sideboards. The loader linkage is designed to maintain a constant reach from 70 inches above the ground. A long wheelbase of 48.3 inches helps in grading and operator comfort.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 10.

New models: 232, 242.

Recent changes: Optional hydraulic quick coupler, additional tire options.

Noteworthy features: Ease of operation, low-effort pilot hydraulic joystick controls, ergonomically designed cab, anti-stall feature, choice of hand throttle or foot throttle, access to service points.


VolvoVolvo Adding Skid-Steers

Volvo plans to launch its new skid-steer-loader line next month, but preliminary information points to five models from 1,350 to 2,450 pounds operating capacity. Features will include a wide cab opening, a large rear window and low-mounted loader arms and lift cylinders for improved operator visibility. An adjustable seat slides forward and back. A hydraulic detent allows the loader arm to float for leveling, backfilling, grading and contouring. A significant number of attachments will be available.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 5.

New models: MC60, MC70, MC80, MC90, MC110.

Noteworthy features: One-piece mainframe, heavy-duty drive chains, high-flow hydraulics available, universal quick-attach system.


CaseSelf-Leveling Option

With a rated operating capacity of 3,150 pounds, the 95XT is the largest skid-steer loader in the Case line of XT machines. With counterweight, the lift capacity can be increased to 3,650 pounds. It has a 36.8-inch reach and 125.5-inch hinge pin height. A hydraulic two-way attachment self-leveling option reduces material loss and improves load positioning. Also available is ride control to retain loads over rough terrain. A double-reduction planetary final drive with two-speed travel prepares the 95XT for challenging jobs.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 7.

Noteworthy features: Optional high-flow hydraulics, mechanical two-way self-leveling is standard on 90XT, optional automatic engine shutdown, high-performance cross-flow radiator, easy access to power train and hydraulic components, more than 100 attachments available.


ThomasDirect Coupling

Power is transferred from the Thomas 245's engine to the hydrostatic pumps through a direct coupling that requires no regular adjustments or service. With a lifting capacity of 2,400 pounds, the 245 has a breakout force of 6,970 pounds. All controls, hydraulic and hydrostatic components can be accessed in seconds through the operator's cab, without the need for any tools. Further, a major component can be removed in 90 minutes or less.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 4.

New models: 175, 225.

Recent changes: Easier serviceability, maintenance-free braking system now across entire line, increased engine horsepower, improved cab interior finish, servo-assist hydraulics.

Noteworthy features: 175 has 11-foot hinge pin height, high breakout force, fast ground speed.


JCBSide-Door Entrance

The largest skid-steers in the JCB line are the new 190 Robot and 1110 Robot, with rated operating capacities at 1,985 pounds and 2,425 pounds, respectively. This represents an increase in operating capacities over the models that the 190 and 1110 replace. Because JCB's skid-steers have only one loader arm, entrance to the cab is through a side door. Visibility also is enhanced. The roof console houses ignition, control switches, fuel gauge and hour meter as well as the warning light cluster with audible alert to draw the operator's attention to any malfunction. In addition to the main hydrostatic pumps, both machines have a dedicated loader and attachments supply pump with a 20-gpm flow.

Number of models (1,350 lbs. op. cap. and over): 5.

New models: 190 Robot, 1110 Robot, 170 Robot.

Recent changes: Larger cabs, simplified serviceability.

Noteworthy features: Single loader arm, choice of control patterns, low lever effort. 









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