Brown Bear ST7, ST9 Snow Blower Attachments

October 31, 2013

Brown Bear ST7 and ST9 snow blower attachments are designed for use with standard-flow and high-flow skid steer loaders and farm tractors.

The ST7 clears a 7-foot-wide path while the ST9 clears a 9-foot path. They both use a 30-degree angle blade with a snow blower impeller mounted at the discharge end of the blade. The units come equipped with a replaceable lower bit, and a hydraulically driven impeller with overload and coast down protection. The hydraulic motor driving the impeller is selected from three different-sized motors to match the flow (15 to 40 gpm) at the hydraulic couplers. A manually adjustable deflector allows broadcast or spot casting of the discharge. An optional 12V linear actuator also is available to control the casting deflector from the cab.

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