Bosch Dust Extraction System

January 30, 2014

Bosch says its VAC090S and VAC090A nine-gallon vacuums and VAC140S and VAC140A 14-gallon vacuums not only increase dust extraction performance with their cubic feet of air per minute rate and suction power, but they also decrease the loss of suction by offering two options of on-board filter cleaning: semi-automatic and automatic.

These features are especially important in applications that require premium dust extraction such as tuckpointing, concrete surfacing, concrete drilling, cutting and chipping concrete, and collecting a diversity of dust particles in stationary workshops.

An unclogged filter is critical for optimal vacuum performance and dust extraction efficiency, and the integrated automatic and semi-automatic filter cleaning systems make it easier for users to ensure their devices are working effectively, the company says. They also eliminate the need for filters to be cleaned by hand. Outfitted with an automatic filter-cleaning mechanism, the VAC090A and VAC140A self clean the flat pleated filter through a reverse airflow every 15 seconds during operation.