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Backhoe or Mini Excavator?

Some fleet managers are using small-machine combinations to replace backhoe loaders

October 24, 2016

Only 21 percent of respondents use the telematics capabilities on their backhoe loader. Of those, scheduling maintenance was by far the most popular use. Idling and production were cited by the fewest respondents.

One in three backhoe loader users say they have replaced one of these workhorses with either a mini excavator or a mini ex combined with a skid steer or compact track loader, according to a new survey conducted by Construction Equipment. One in five say they are renting more backhoe loaders than they were two years ago.

Key Acquisition Factors

(% responding)

  • Acquisition price: 23.8%
  • Brand: 22.8%
  • Dealer: 15.8%
  • Breakout force: 7.9%
  • Resale value: 7.9%
  • Dig depth: 5.9%
  • Cab comfort/amenities: 4.0%
  • Ease of service: 5.4%
  • Horsepower: 4.0%
  • Other: 7.9%

Base = 101

Our survey was conducted to support our Buying File that looks at trends in the backhoe loader market. Construction Equipment also asked buyers about operating cost trends, as well as if and how telematics capabilities are employed.

Construction Equipment sent email invitations to select members of our audience who buy, specify, or influence purchases of backhoe loaders, and we received 101 usable responses.

For more on the state of the market, turn to our Buying File.


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