Atlas Copco Demo Attachment

Staff | September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC's new CC 2500 Combi Cutter hydraulic demolition attachment has a maximum operating pressure of 5,075 psi and is suitable for carriers in the 22- to 35-metric ton weight class.

Both universal jaws and steel-cutting jaws are available for the CC 2500. Opening to a width of 34.6 inches, the universal jaws are ideal for heavily reinforced concrete demolition, building demolition, secondary reduction, and material separation. Opening 16.8 inches wide, the steel-cutting jaws are suited for steel structure demolition, secondary reduction and material separation. Both jaws deliver a maximum cutting force of 330 tons.

The new attachment's single pin jaw retention design improves tool visibility for the operator, decreases the total weight of the unit, and drastically reduces the time required to switch between the different sets of cutting jaws. An advanced speed valve, along with enlarged cross sections of the hydraulic lines that improve oil flow, combine to allow shorter cycle times — opening and closing in under 6 seconds.