Atlas Copco

September 28, 2010

According to Atlas Copco, models in the new TEX pneumatic, hand-held breaker series are ideal for concrete- and asphalt-breaking applications, and the breakers feature vibration-reduction and other ergonomic upgrades for enhanced operator comfort and productivity. Models in the new series include the 34-pound TEX 140PS and 42-pound TEX 180PS, and each incorporates Atlas Copco’s SOFSTART two-step trigger. Two vibration-reduced versions of the standard units (TEX 150PE and TEX 190PE) are available with spring-loaded handles and a hand-and-arm protection system designed to prevent 75 percent of harmful vibration from reaching the operator. Requiring 53 and 55 cfm of air, respectively, the TEX 140PS/TEX150PE and TEX 180PS/TEX 190PE deliver approximately 1,500 blows per minute. A wear-resistant polyurethane silencer on each breaker, says Atlas Copco, limits the sound level of each model to 104 dB(A). The new breakers are built with a one-piece, solid-cast housing that eliminates the need for side bolts.