Atlas Copco

By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco HB 2500 hydraulic breaker attachmentWeighing in at 5,512 pounds, the new Atlas Copco HB 2500 hydraulic breaker attachment is aimed at such applications as tunneling, demolition, foundation work, rock mining and secondary breaking. Designed for carriers weighing 29 to 43 metric tons, the HB 2500 accepts hydraulic flows of up to 58 gpm at a pressure of 2,610 psi. The new breaker features a PowerAdapt system that automatically shuts down the tool if hydraulic pressure from the carrier exceeds the allowable maximum. The AutoControl monitoring system, which adapts the breaker's frequency and power output to match operating conditions, fires the first blow at half power to establish a pilot notch that centers the tool and helps prevents slippage. The StartSelect system allows the HB 2500 to be operated in an AutoStop mode (to prevent firing until the tool senses down pressure on the material) or in an AutoStart mode (to allow firing as soon as the tool contacts material). In the latter mode, the AutoControl system adjusts power to the operating situation.