Arizona Officials Recognized for Sustainable Project

Staff | September 28, 2010

Glendale, AZ— The Portland Cement Association recently identified local leaders in eight cities across the nation who have enacted policies or completed projects that promote sustainable development through the use of concrete and other cement-based products.

Among those honored for Infrastructure Projects were Elaine M. Scruggs, mayor; Horatio Skeete, deputy city manager; Cathy Colbath, transit administrator, city of Glendale, AZ.

Their project was a park and ride parking lot project using pervious concrete. Concrete was chosen as a key component in this project to encourage carpool, vanpool and bus usage in Glendale because it addresses water-retention issues, mitigates heat island effect, allows plants on the site to thrive, and is expected to save money over the length of the project as it is not likely to need to be resurfaced for more than 20 years.

"As demand continues to increase, our government leaders and the cement and concrete industry have important roles to play as we determine how to best meet our nation's development needs while protecting and sustaining the environment for future generations," said PCA President and CEO Brian McCarthy. "The PCA Sustainable Leadership Award winners have made great strides in balancing those priorities in a number of innovative and cost-effective ways."