Allmand Bros. Maxi-Air 100, 375, 400 Air Compressors

March 1, 2019
Allmand Bros Maxi Air 100 delivers 115 psi at maximum working pressure

Maxi-Air 100, 375, and 400 portable air compressors have an oversized rotary air screw end that allows the units to run at low rpm, which the company says extends life and is fuel efficient.

The 100 delivers 115 psi at maximum working pressure, and is powered by a Kubota D1005 engine. Runtime at full load is 6.5 hours. It holds 10.6 gallons of fuel.

The 375DP is a dual-pressure unit, delivering a maximum working pressure from 125 psi. Runtime at full load is 9 hours, and it has a Kubota V3800 engine. The fuel capacity is 47 gallons.

The 400 also uses the V3800 engine and holds 47 gallons of fuel, but maximum working pressure is 175 psi.

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