Akron New Valve Restoration Service

September 28, 2010

Akron Hydraulic has launched a new program to restore hydraulic directional control valves found on heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers, paving and drilling machines used in construction, mining, drilling and many other industries.

The rebuilding process starts with disassembling the valve and inspecting it. The hard chrome on scored spools is ground off and the chrome replaced. Micro-grinding is used to restore tolerances. After hard chroming is completed, oil grooves are cut back into the spool.

Akron Hydraulic’s rebuilding process for control valves will restore them to like-new OEM performance. This process can be beneficial on many types of valves, including closed-centered, open-centered, monoblock, stackable and sectional valves. The valves can have anywhere from one to 10 sections or spools.