4 Const. Mgmt. Software Types to Use

September 18, 2020
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Below are four common management software tools, what they do, and how they're meant to help meet operational goals.

1. Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

A CMMS is typically used by maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, and other facilities personnel to manage maintenance and repair programs in their organizations. An organization might use a CMMS to triage service requests, track work orders, manager asset information and costs, schedule preventative maintenance tasks, organize documentation, and more. 

2. Building infrastructure platform

This platform offers all the capabilities of a CMMS, but builds up on these offerings by incorporating additional applications that benefit an entire organization. Facilities departments can use a building infrastructure platform to perform and manage things like location-based asset mapping and data analytics, work order management, etc. according to Facility Executive, operations teams report that the main benefit of a BIP is managing maintenance-related activities, while also gaining data-driven insight into operations. 

3. Computer aided facility management software (CAFM) Software

CAFM software enables users to plan, execute, and monitor activities in their projects as they relate to maintenance. The software also allows users to integrate CAD drawings, assisting with space management and layout planning. 

4. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software

An EAM system will track an assets entire lifecycle, starting with planning and installation. It aims to maximize useful life, reduce costs, improve quality, and promote efficiency. Facility Executive recommends using an EAM system if your team is looking for ways to integrate maintenance activity info with associated labor, inventory materials, tools, etc.

Source: Facility Executive