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Lift applications range from use in remediation work areas, to helping dismantle disused nuclear facilities.

The Intermercato XW scale utilizes a strain gauge system that allows in-motion weighing, without requiring the machine to pause in its loading cycle to record the load’s weight.

Crane service provider Neeb-Schuch recently erected a total of four wind turbines in a windpark close to Hannover and a wind turbine in Benhausen, Paderborn, using a Terex AC 1000.

When reconstructing the 2.5-mile, 450,000-square foot runway at Minot Air Force Base, Ward County, N.D., Strata employed atomized misting equipment from Dust Control Technology to raise humidity around freshly poured concrete.

Levelland, Texas-based Renegade Wireline Services is using two National Crane boom trucks – an NBT45 and an NBT50 – to insert wireline cabling and related tools into several natural gas and oil well sites.

KBAC has 66 Genie machines on the Long Harbour Process Plant project, including Z-45/25J, Z-60/34, Z-135/70 and Z-80/60 articulating booms; S-40, S-60X, S-80X and S-120 telescopic booms; and GS-3390RT and GS-5390RT scissor lifts

Topnotch Komatsu equipment, dealer support contribute to success

Mayo Construction bought a Bergkamp M1 paver, which is self-propelled, full sized and offers continuous slurry while the machine is working.

It took the world’s tallest electric-powered boom lift to meet the requirements of this job. Not only did it have to operate in an urban location where zero emissions were important, it had to have a 60-foot working height and a weight of less than 15,500 pounds.

The biggest challenges in airport runway projects often don't lie within the sheer amount of dirt that must be moved and graded, but in the tight tolerances mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) In Cedar Rapids, IA, as it worked on the taxiway portion of a multiyear runway project for Eastern Iowa Airport, the general contractor — Cedar Valley Corp.


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